Hydro Excavation Trucks For Hire

We provide the most innovative and effective vacuum excavation solutions
for non-destructive digging, utility mapping, pot holing, trenching and more.

Hydro Excavation Hire
Vacuum Excavation Hire

About Hydro Vac Truck

Hydro Vac Truck is a well established and reputable vacuum excavation truck hire company. We take great pride in our hydro excavation services and how we work and communicate with our clients. No matter the job or the size, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will collaborate with you throughout our hydro excavation process.

Hydro Vac Truck provides vac truck hire services in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Wollongong, Nowra, Bathurst, Goulbourn, Canberra and surrounding areas. As part of our service, we supply Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Utility Service Location and a wide range of residential, building and civil construction services.

Our Hydro Excavation Services

NDD - Non Destructive Digging
Non-Destructive Digging

Our Non-Destructive Excavation Service is perfect for the safe removal of soil around underground utilities

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Use us to avoid the time consuming, costly trenching work and eliminate risk of damaging underground utilities

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Hydrovac Potholing Excavation

Our Hydro Vac Truck Service offers non-destructive excavation techniques which are perfect for potholing

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Utility Mapping
Utility Services

Use us to locate and expose underground utilities without damaging them

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Excavation Footing

Use us to safely drill pier shaft foundations without damaging underground utilities

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Pole Hole Digger
Pole Holes

Use our faster, more accurate and effective Hydro Excavation Service to make a pole hole

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Safely excavate in places where
normal excavation machinery cannot be used

Talk to our hydro excavation experts today for information and quotes about our Hydro Vac Excavation Services

Why Hydro Excavation Is Your Best Option?

Hydro excavation uses a high-pressurise water system to quickly liquify soil into a slurry which is easily and safely extracted by vacuum excavation. It is a non-destructive digging solution, which makes it more safe, reliable and effective when excavating around underground utilities and when working on pole holes, footing, potholing, and trenching.

The key benefits of our Hydro Vac Trucks include:

  • More efficient and safer over traditional methods. Our hydro excavation service is faster, less expensive and requires less human labour than physical digging. It will also prevent risks of injury or human error helping help decrease labour costs.
  • Minimise the risk of damaging underground utilities. The effective high pressure water that removes loose soil will not harm any underground utilises, pipes, or cables.
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional excavation. Vacuum excavation is less harmful towards the environment as it only clears as much space as is necessary, unlike digging which harms surrounding areas.
Utility Mapping
Industries We Serve
  • Building & Construction
  • Waste Management
  • Fibre Optics
  • Mining Industry
  • Local Government & Council
  • Residential Infrastructure
  • Commercial Ventures
  • Civil, Road, Oil Infrastructure
Areas We Serve
  • Sydney NSW
  • Blue Mountains NSW
  • Central Coast & Newcastle NSW
  • Port Macquarie NSW
  • Nowra NSW
  • Bathurst NSW
  • Goulburn NSW
  • Canberra ACT
Our Services
  • Hydro Vac Truck Hire
  • Non Destructive Excavation
  • Excavation Trenching
  • Excavation Potholing
  • Utility Mapping & Locating
  • Pier Shafts Footing
  • Pole Hole Digging

With many years of experience in the civils and constructions industry, we’ve seen it and done it all.

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