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Hydro Excavation Hire
Vacuum Excavation Bathurst

Hydro Vac Truck Hire – Vacuum Excavation Bathurst

At Hydro Vac Truck Bathurst, we specialise in numerous vacuum excavation services. Supported by a friendly team of knowledgeable, experienced and certified vac truck operators.

We regularly supply our non destructive digging Bathurst services to the building, plumbing, electrical, civil construction, mining and waste management industries.

Our Hydro Excavation Services

NDD - Non Destructive Digging
Non-Destructive Digging

Our Non-Destructive Excavation Service is perfect for the safe removal of soil around underground utilities

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Use us to avoid the time consuming, costly trenching work and eliminate risk of damaging underground utilities

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Our Hydro Vac Truck Service offers non-destructive excavation techniques which are perfect for potholing

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Utility Mapping
Utility Services

Use us to locate and expose underground utilities without damaging them

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Excavation Footing

Use us to safely drill pier shaft foundations without damaging underground utilities

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Pole Hole Digger
Pole Holes

Use our faster, more accurate and effective Hydro Excavation Service to make a pole hole

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Hydro Excavation Bathurst
What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is a two-part procedure using non-destructive digging through a jetting rod similar to a gurney that sprays high pressurised water on the surface area. This breaks apart the dirt, grass, clay, mud or any other wastes. Part two involves a high-volume suction vacuum to suck up the water and dirt.

Why Hydro Excavation Bathurst is the Best Option?

Conventional earth moving excavation equipment could present a threat to its environments when you’re dealing with delicate utilities like pipework and cables. Hydro excavation is a more safe, effective and affordable alternative that’s extensively used by various industries from civil infrastructure to engineering. Using our effective hydro excavation Bathurst service, we have the ability to securely expose utility and underground components, along with providing drain and street cleaning.

Our Bathurst Hydro Vac Trucks are available for wet hire and our vac truck operators are trained completely to carry out any vacuum excavation Bathurst job. We can get our vacuum trucks to pretty much all sites within and surrounding Bathurst, New South Wales. We’ll provide the best solutions for your requirements and have our hydro vac truck on-site on time, all set to go when you are.

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