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Hydro Excavation Hire
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Hydro Vac Truck Hire – Vacuum Excavation Newcastle

Whether you’re in need of a hydro vac truck for a small residential project or large civil construction, our hydro vac truck rentals would be ideal for you. Hydro Vac Truck Newcastle offers the best vacuum excavation services, using the most innovative and effective hydro vac trucks.

Our Vacuum Excavation Newcastle Trucks are useful for a wide range of application from vacuuming up loose soils and waste on after rainy days to digging trenches and holes for pole installations. This is where our hydro excavation service helps you best, removing matter from tight areas that’s not possible by human labour.

Our Hydro Excavation Services

NDD - Non Destructive Digging
Non-Destructive Digging

Our Non-Destructive Excavation Service is perfect for the safe removal of soil around underground utilities

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Use us to avoid the time consuming, costly trenching work and eliminate risk of damaging underground utilities

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Our Hydro Vac Truck Service offers non-destructive excavation techniques which are perfect for potholing

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Utility Mapping
Utility Services

Use us to locate and expose underground utilities without damaging them

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Excavation Footing

Use us to safely drill pier shaft foundations without damaging underground utilities

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Pole Hole Digger
Pole Holes

Use our faster, more accurate and effective Hydro Excavation Service to make a pole hole

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Hydro Excavation Newcastle
What is Hydro Excavation?

Our hydro excavation service has a powerful vacuum together with a high-pressure water system that excavates sites. Also commonly referred to as Non-Destructive Digging, our vac trucks are the most effective and safest way to expose utilities including pipelines and cables. The high-pressure water system does not harm any underground that might otherwise be damaged by traditional excavation services.

Why Hydro Excavation Newcastle is the Best Option?

Vacuum excavation is now more extensively used as its the fastest and safest technique of excavating readily available, securing both underground utilities from damage and labourers from injury. Typically, our hydro vac trucks are best used for:

  • Eliminating particles from small areas.
  • Digging trenches, pot holes, post holes to install vital services.
  • Removing excess soil and water from building sites.
  • Removing debris from underneath buildings, structures, homes.
  • Thoroughly cleaning out pits.
  • Safely excavating near and around important utilities.

If you are trying to find a top Non Destructive Digging Newcastle service for either a task noted above or something totally different, get in touch with us. We enjoy helping conserve money and time by using our hydro excavation Newcastle trucks.

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