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Your ideal choice for vacuum excavation in Sydney for
non-destructive digging, utility mapping, pot holing or trenching.

Hydro Excavation Hire
Vacuum Excavation Sydney

Hydro Vac Truck Hire – Vacuum Excavation Sydney

Are you looking for a safe and reliable hydro vacuum truck rental company in Sydney? You’re at the right place. Hydro Vac Truck has a diverse and comprehensive range of vacuum excavation trucks and services to help you with all your non-destructive digging needs.

We are a leading hydro excavation truck hire company in Sydney. With extensive experience across multiple industries and all excavation services, you can be certain you are in safe hands with Hydro Vac Truck Sydney.

Our Hydro Excavation Services

NDD - Non Destructive Digging
Non-Destructive Digging

Our Non-Destructive Excavation Service is perfect for the safe removal of soil around underground utilities

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Use us to avoid the time consuming, costly trenching work and eliminate risk of damaging underground utilities

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Our Hydro Vac Truck Service offers non-destructive excavation techniques which are perfect for potholing

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Utility Mapping
Utility Services

Use us to locate and expose underground utilities without damaging them

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Excavation Footing

Use us to safely drill pier shaft foundations without damaging underground utilities

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Pole Hole Digger
Pole Holes

Use our faster, more accurate and effective Hydro Excavation Service to make a pole hole

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What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation Sydney uses highly pressurised water to quickly liquify soil into a slurry which is easily and safely extracted by vacuum excavation. It is a non-destructive excavation solution, which makes it very effective when excavating around underground utilities and when working on pole holes, footing, potholing, and trenching.

Why Hydro Excavation Sydney is the Best Option?

This non destructive digging Sydney method is much safer and easier than the traditional excavation processes. Excavating through manual labour or heavy machinery results in slower processes and human errors which could lead to injuries (potentially even death). Accidental damages on underground pipes or cables can also be very costly to you, whether your paying for the damages or compensations for staff injuries.

Our non destructive digging hydro vac trucks which will ensure you have peace of mind while excavating. By using pressurised water to break the soil up and vacuum it, underground utilities are at a minimal risk to damages and are more easily accessed compared to traditional methods. You also won’t have to worry about sustaining any injuries.

Hydro Excavation Sydney
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