Hydro Excavation Trenching

Thinking to dig narrow trenches to install pipes, cables, signs, posts or other utilities underground?

Avoid the time consuming, costly trenching work and eliminate the risk of damaging underground utilities, that conventional digging equipment could easily harm with our Hydro Excavation Trenching Service.

Excavation trenching is a new process of digging soil. It is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process that uses high pressure water and a high flow of air to excavate the soil in a controlled manner.

The water cuts through the soil to break it apart. Once the soil is breached, the air vacuum is used evacuate the soil and move it to a debris tank. It is a more cost efficient and less time consuming than traditional methods of excavation.

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Hydro Excavation Trenching

Why Use Our Hydro Excavation Trenching Service?

Fully Insured & Approved

Fully insured Hydro Vac Truck Hire and EPA approved.

Environmentally Friendly

We dispose of waste according to guidelines and to stay environmentally friendly.

Emergency Service Provided

We also provide an emergency service for unfortunate mishaps!

Highly Experienced

Australian business for over 20 years of experience in telecom and infra structure sectors.

Cost Effective

We provide free quotes, and our prices are affordable.

High Quality Service

We provide a reliable swift service, along with friendly expert advice.

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