Utility Mapping with Hydro Excavation

Need to conduct utility mapping to locate and expose underground utilities without the risk of damaging underground utilities inherent with mechanical or manual excavation methods?

Why not use Hydro excavation which is the safest and most efficient method of exposing underground utilities?

Hydro excavation for utility mapping is not only faster, more accurate and more cost effective, but also less damaging to the surrounding soil than mechanical excavation (surrounding soil is virtually undisturbed during the process) and thus minimises site restoration time and expenses.

Hydro excavation can quickly and safely locate and expose utility lines without any of the risks associated with traditional excavation methods such as augers or hand digging which can damage underground utilities, potentially causing project delays, safety hazards, and service interruptions.

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Utility Mapping

Why Use Our Hydro Vac Truck Hire Service for Utility Mapping?

Fully Insured & Approved

Fully insured Hydro Vac Truck Hire and EPA approved.

Environmentally Friendly

We dispose of waste according to guidelines and to stay environmentally friendly.

Emergency Service Provided

We also provide an emergency service for unfortunate mishaps!

Highly Experienced

Australian business for over 20 years of experience in telecom and infra structure sectors.

Cost Effective

We provide free quotes, and our prices are affordable.

High Quality Service

We provide a reliable swift service, along with friendly expert advice.

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